Verification of greenhouse gases "Angrensor Energo" LLP

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of people through the implementation of energy-saving technologies.

Project description
In 2019, Green Bridge LLP, an accredited greenhouse gas verification body, verified greenhouse gas documents for Angrensor Energo LLP. The plant is included in the National Quota Allocation Plan for 2018-2020, accounting for GHG emissions is based on specific greenhouse gas emission factors.
The main activity of the enterprise is open pit coal mining at the Ekibastuz open pit.
Sources of GHG emissions are open pit coal mining, internal overburden extraction and storage, endogenous self-heating boilers, gas cutting.
In accordance with the verification carried out, the GHG assertion was recognized as reliable and made in accordance with the requirements of relevant international standards for the quantification of GHG emissions, their monitoring and reporting, as well as in accordance with national standards and current practice.
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