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Project description

Research project "Collection and processing of information on greenhouse gas emissions for the evaluation of the system of benchmarking in the allocation of quotas for greenhouse gases in Kazakhstan"
In 2014-2015, commissioned by USAID Kazakhstan Climate Change Mitigation Program (KCCMP), experts of Green Bridge Company performed work on the collection and processing of information, as well as analysis of data on greenhouse gas emissions from facilities which are included in Kazakhstan GHG emissions trading system.

Purpose of the research was to collect and analyze primary data from industrial enterprises of Kazakhstan, within the National Allocation Plan for greenhouse gas emissions to assess the possibility of transition to a system of benchmarking in the allocation of quotas for the period 2016-2020.

Within the work the following tasks were completed:
  • Collecting a baseline data from the companies included into the second National Allocation Plan for GHG emissions;
  • Analysis of the current parameters for reporting greenhouse gas (fuel consumption, GHG emission factors, net calorific value, oxidation factor, etc.).
  • Analysis of production data for the period 2010-2013;
  • Identification of specific greenhouse gas emissions per production unit;
  • Analysis of the opportunities to incorporate the principle of benchmarking in the rules for the distribution of quotas for greenhouse gas emissions.
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