Project of standards for maximum permissible emissions of harmful (polluting) substances into the atmosphere for the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant (AFP) - a branch of TNC Kazchrome JSC

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Project description
The purpose of this work is to determine the amount of harmful substances entering the atmosphere by identifying all sources of air pollution, as well as determining the level of air pollution of the enterprise for 2021 - 2030. The need for early development of the draft MPE standards arose due to changes at the production sites of the Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant.
The nearest residential area is located at a distance of about 1.5 km from the AZF site No. 1 in the southeast direction. Aktobe Ferroalloy Plant (AFP), a branch of TNC Kazchrome JSC, is classified as a class I sanitary hazard with a sanitary protection zone of 1000 m.
In order to identify the number of sources and determine the list of substances emitted into the atmosphere, the AFP conducted an inventory of emission sources. The main activity of the enterprise is the production of ferroalloys of various grades, including: high-carbon ferrochrome (6 grades); medium carbon ferrochrome (3 grades); low-carbon ferrochrome (4 grades), as well as metal concentrate (3 grades). The enterprise produces: ferrochrome, as well as additional products: lime, carbon dioxide, liquid glass, refractory products, crushed stone, ferropulder. The plant processes slag.
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