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Project description

Name of work: project of standards for waste disposal.
Utilization LLP accepts and sends POPs-containing waste (capacitors, transformers) for disposal, generated at various industrial enterprises, which Utilization LLP accepts on a contractual basis. Storage of PCB-containing wastes is carried out until they are sent for destruction. POPs-containing waste is represented by capacitors, transformers. Utilization LLP sends these wastes for destruction on a contractual basis.
The draft standards for waste disposal for Utilization LLP were developed on the basis of Art. 27 of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Order acting. Minister of Environment and Water Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 11, 2013 No. 379-Ө “On Amendments to the Order of the Minister of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 16, 2012 No. 110-Ө “On Approval of the Methodology for Determining Emission Standards into the Environment”.

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