Mandatory environmental audit of the mine "Kazakhstanskaya" of the Coal Department of JSC "ArcelorMittal Temirtau"

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Project description
In 2019, Green Bridge LLP conducted a mandatory environmental audit of the Kazakhstanskaya mine of the Coal Department of ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC. The basis for the audit was the Conclusion on the mandatory environmental audit issued by the authorized body. The environmental audit was carried out in accordance with the approved environmental audit plan.
The audit report was prepared on the basis of the existing environmental information of the facility under consideration on the sources of environmental impact during its operation, as well as stock and archival materials. The auditors got acquainted with the organization of the enterprise's work on environmental protection and ensuring environmental safety. The audit team was provided with reporting data on the production activities of the enterprise, regulatory and methodological documentation on environmental protection, information on the material and technical base of the enterprise, as well as acts-orders of state bodies, conclusions of the State Environmental Expertise on environmental impact assessment projects, draft standards waste disposal, draft standards for permissible discharges, draft standards for permissible emissions, regulatory and other documents. The auditors will analyze the current situation, assess the risks, and propose recommendations for improving environmental safety.
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