Kazakhstan develops electronic form of reporting on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

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30 January 2017

The Ministry of Energy in cooperation with the World Bank has launched a project to develop the electronic reporting platform on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and support appropriate institutional and legal bases in Kazakhstan.

"Since 2013, all facilities in power, oil and gas and other industrial sectors of Kazakhstan have to report on greenhouse gas emissions on paper. Transition to the electronic reporting on greenhouse gases will improve the quality and timeliness of data provided to make timely decisions" - said Olzhas Agabeyov, Deputy Director of Department on Climate Change of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the press office, the electronic platform (or inventory) will enable the main sources of emissions in the power and other industrial sectors to submit data online, in accordance with recent changes in the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Adopted amendments provide for the development of a electronic platform, for which natural resource users will provide reports on emissions, verifiers confirm emission data in electronic format, as well as the program administrator (JSC "Zhasyl damu") and the regulator (Committee of Ecological Regulation and Control (CERC) and the Department on Climate Change) will automatically check commitments on emissions online. It is expected that the inventory will be implemented by the end of December 2017, in order to start serving Kazakhstan's GHG emissions trading scheme from January 2018.

The project is implemented with support of the Partnership for availability in the market - a trust fund with participation of many donors of the World Bank Group. The partnership brings together more than 30 countries that account for about 80% of global GHG emissions, to develop and implement innovative policy instruments for climate change mitigation.

"The need for accurate and reliable data on GHG emissions is becoming increasingly important as countries are working on implementation of the Paris Agreement in order to achieve 2020 targets for climate change mitigation. We appreciate the leading position of Kazakhstan in ensuring transparency and accountability for GHG emission reports in key sectors of economy"- said Craig Meisner, Senior Environmental Economist of the World Bank, Head of the PMR Project.

In 2014, Kazakhstan, represented by the Ministry of Energy, joined the Partnership as a technical partner, and received funding for capacity building and implementation of tasks for National System of Emissions Trading.

Source: Margarita Bocharova https://vlast.kz 
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