Green Bridge - Bridge to Green Technologies

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16 September 2016

International conference "Green Bridge - Bridge to green technologies, innovation and available energy" was held in Astana on September 14. The conference was dedicated to the practical implementation of Kazakhstan's global initiative - Green Bridge Partnership Program. 

The conference was organized by the Ministry of Energy, the Coalition for green economy and G-Global development and the International Secretariat of G-Global. The main objectives of the conference were:

  • Review the events of upcoming exhibition EXPO 2017
  • Develop recommendations to countries on the technological support of the implementation of the new goals of sustainable development of the United Nations until 2030,
  • Evaluation of possibilities of the best green technologies in Kazakhstan and other member countries of the Green Bridge Partnership Program. 
The conference was attended by representatives of international organizations, financial institutions, including the Asian Development Bank Institute, state bodies, the Parliament of Kazakhstan, non-governmental organizations, research centers, businesses and other stakeholders.

The Conference consisted of a plenary session and panel session: "Green Bridge - provider of ecological industrialization of economies", as well as the round table "Mechanisms of economic incentives and supporting of green business". During the conference, activities were scheduled for the upcoming exhibition EXPO 2017, recommendations were made to countries on technological support for implementation of:
  • New goals of sustainable development until 2030 adopted during the 70th session of the UN General Assembly.
  • Paris Agreement on Climate Change
  • The best green technologies in Kazakhstan and other member countries of the Green Bridge Partnership Program.
The conference participants discussed on creation of the International Center for Green Technologies in Astana, as well as prospects for development of the Green Bridge Partnership Program in contemporary world. During active dialogues, speakers raised issues related to:
  • Implementation of Green Economy projects.
  • Funding mechanisms for green projects considering international experience.
  • Other aspects related to the transfer of green technologies.
During the conference, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kanat Bozumbayev, reminded conference participants that next year Astana will become an effective platform for showcasing the world's best developments and trends related to solar, wind, biogas, marine and thermal water energy. EXPO 2017 will feature the best know-how and breakthrough projects in the field of production and consumption of traditional and alternative energy. He also stated that after the EXPO 2017 it would be appropriate to hand over exhibition area to the International Center for Green Technologies under auspices of the UN.



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