Japanese investors exploring SEZ of RK

16 April 2015

Japanese investors exploring Special Economic Zones of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The meeting of the Deputy Chairman of JSC «KAZNEX INVEST» Almas Aidarova with experts of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on the intermediate results of the development of strategies to attract Japanese companies to Special Economic Zones (SEZ) of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in Astana.

During the year, JICA experts jointly with the ROTOBO Association  were studying the investment climate and SEZ activity of Kazakhstan . In the study, the experts visited special economic zones (SEZ "Ninety", "Seaport-Aktau", "Pavlodar", "Sary-Arka"), held a series of meetings with government and members of SEZ. According to representatives of JICA, as it develops each SEZ begins to take a more realistic approach to the organization of activities and is committed to a more optimal shape, which serves as an example of successful attracting domestic and foreign investors.

At the same time, a team of JICA conducted a survey of Japanese companies to assess the investment environment in Kazakhstan, including special economic zones. Questionnaires showed how and why the Kazakh market is attractive for Japanese companies.

Questioning also revealed that 70% of enterprise respondents are aware of Kazakhstan SEZ, half of them have expressed interest in doing business in SEZ.

According to Japanese experts, SEZ RK has the following advantages:
  • Exemption from income tax;
  • Exemption from customs duties;
  • Simplified procedure for the recruitment of foreign labor.
At the same time, JICA experts have identified a number of challenges for Japanese companies when investing in the manufacturing sector of the economy of Kazakhstan, such as:
  • High transport costs;
  • The high cost of labor;
  • Small domestic market and the remoteness of the international markets.
Following the meeting agreed  a joint-stock company «KAZNEX INVEST» with Japan side to hold in June three road shows in the cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Quito-Kyushu, where Japanese investors will be presented SEZ of Kazakhstan from the standpoint of JIKA and Rotobo experts.

Translated from Russian by Klyukin Roman

Source: http://www.invest.gov.kz/