Introduction of an emission register and pollutant transfer in Kazakhstan: key results and next steps

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12 March 2019

On March 12, 2019 in Astana, was held a seminar on “Implementing of an emission register and pollutant transfer: Key Results and Next Steps”.
The main topics of the seminar were:
1. Prevention and reduction of environmental pollution by increasing access to environmental information.
2. Improving the capacity of stakeholders to effectively implement the ERPT in the Republic of Kazakhstan
3. ERPT as a tool to reduce mercury pollution in the Republic of Kazakhstan
The seminar was attended by international and national experts, representatives of the Aarhus Centers and SPA (scientific production association), environmental users and representatives of universities.
Director of “Green Bridge” company Kuzin V.V. made a presentation and presented data on the assessment of the main types of fuel (coal) and mercury content in them, as well as the results of the assessment of mercury emissions from thermal power facilities.

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