Changes to the new Environmental Greenhouse Gas Code

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26 March 2019

Changes to the new Environmental Greenhouse Gas Code
On March 26, 2019, a meeting of the working group at the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on changes in the Environmental Code relating to greenhouse gases was held.
The following changes were discussed at the meeting:
- verification of greenhouse gases is planned not only in accordance with ISO standards, but also in accordance with the rules of validation and verification (planned to be developed);
- it is planned to deviate from the historical method in calculating greenhouse gas emissions and to perform calculations only on the basis of specific emission indicators;
- it is planned to include quantitative indicators of the level of materiality during the calculations and verification of greenhouse gases;
- leave four greenhouse gases regulated (there are five of them now).
Also discussed were issues related to the development of domestic emission reduction projects for renewable energy sources.

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